The Postman’s Daughter

51vcb9fieylLate in 1916, in a London menaced by the threat of German attack, Ivy Drummond is rescued from an air raid by a stranger who knows both when and where the bombs will fall. Will Rawlings – sent home from the front and suffering from shellshock – is tortured by nightmares and hallucinations. Will believes he can see the future. Ivy believes he needs medical help.

But when Will’s visions start coming true Ivy is torn between family, duty, honour and love. And Will is keeping secrets which threaten to pull their relationship apart….

Against the backdrop of real events, The Postman’s Daughter tells the story of two people left behind by the Great War, fighting their own personal battle for happiness.






Sally Anne Palmer commutes into London every day and has been writing adult romance short stories and novels on the train for the last ten years on and off. This makes her a very popular person to sit next to, particularly when she is writing bedroom scenes. Sally started out in fan fiction, and then moved on to writing a parenting blog and she misses the instant feedback from readers that being part of a community offers. Sally writes contemporary and historical romance.





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