Monica Hershel: Predator on Top

518zhqmpkblFlorida native Monica Hershel is a young wealthy traveler, model and proud lesbian that is blessed with the Hollywood looks of Ruby Rose. Nicknamed “Predator”, she has the Goddess-giving ability to convince any woman to be her sexual prey for epic love making.

A master cunnilinguist, Monica pleasures women to the maximum with her skillful tongue and sensual touches. Her appetite for a woman’s luscious body is insatiable.

These eight short erotic tales are some of Monica’s most epic sexual encounters with extraordinary-looking women. Her devour of women is perfect for your erotic fantasy and reading delight.

*Intended for a mature audience 18 and over*




This is absolutely the hottest lesbian erotic novella you’ll ever read. I never knew that lesbian erotica could be so arousing and engaging. The sex scenes are awesome epic! I felt like I was in the bedroom with Monica and her “sex preys” because how well-written the stories are. Monica is a great character and she lives up to her nickname, Predator. My favorite tales are “Blizzard Orgy,” “Danger Venture,” “More Than Friends” and “Sex-Dependence Day”. I recommend this book to not only lesbian lovers, but also to fans of the erotic genre. I hope Gianni writes more hot tales about Monica. He has a new fan!by Amazon Customer

“Monica Hershel: Predator on Top” is a collection of hot tales about sex symbol Monica. With her Ruby Rose looks, she is capable of making love to any beautiful woman. Each story keeps the reader engaged and aroused. It is hard to put this novella down. The lesbian sex in the book is EPIC!!! I felt like I was in the bedroom with Monica and her lovers because how well-written the scenes are. My favorite tales are “The Gold, The Brown & Peeping Maré”, “More Than Friends” and “Danger Venture”. This book is a must read for fans of lesbian erotica. I am looking forward to reading more novels from this up and coming talented author!by Amazon Customer



412opvpsyzl-_sy200_Gianni Shamari was born and raised in New York City. Gianni graduated from City College in 2009, received a Bachelors of Arts degree in English and Science with a minor in Creative Writing.

Gianni always had a passion for writing since Elementary School. He had many composition books filled with stories about his favorite superheroes and video games.

Gianni enjoys expressing freely on paper and sharing his ideas with the world. Writing is just a big part of Gianni’s life. He made his publishing debut with the epic tale, “Another Best Erotic Night Of My Life” in the 2016 The Very Best of Bare Back Magazine anthology.



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