Moonlight Adventures: Three Couples. Three Adventures. One Passion.

51bce96gvqlNadine and Paul

A full moon beckons Nadine into the thick of the night, but it’s not the warm summer breeze she craves; it’s the lure of the man who pushes her boundaries, one seductive command at a time.

Paul wields his dominance like a badge of honor. His every move is calculated. He’s determined to take Nadine to heights she’s never known. On this night, she will break free of her inhibitions and savor his provocative surprise.

Yvonne and Jack

Jack has found success in business, but he is still seeking it in his personal life. His proclivities for naughtier romps have created a barrier between him and ultimate pleasure, but an online pastime may turn things around for him.

A clandestine meeting with a woman he’s met online promises to fill the void, but when Jack meets his willing playmate, he finds a stunning surprise waiting for him—the first of a few that night—but is he prepared to make his wildest BDSM fantasies a reality times three?

Annika and Ben

A week after a lover’s quarrel, Annika and Ben are still nursing their wounds. Fiery passion has given way to routine in the bedroom, and if they don’t do something about it, their relationship will sour.

Annika has always longed for something more. Her secret desires can no longer remain dormant. Desperate to save their relationship, she takes the initiative to spice things up.

Ben agrees to play by her rules, but will he continue to be a willing participant as Annika pushes his limits far beyond any pleasure he could have imagined?




Nadine settled down in the passenger seat, and Paul drove off. He drove the car right toward the city limits, and half an hour later they drove along an empty country road. Paul reached his goal, a parking space near a forest, and they got out of the car. Nadine gave him a curious look.

“Let me surprise you.”

Instead of reacting to her pouting, Paul took something from the trunk of the car. Nadine’s eyes widened as she saw that it was a leash, perfectly matched to her neck band. Shortly afterward Paul hooked the leash onto Nadine’s collar and led her into the forest. Nadine was so taken aback that at first, she didn’t even think of protesting.

“I find it somewhat humiliating,” she grumbled, as she finished organizing her thoughts.

“Oh, do you think so?” Paul looked at her with an amused expression. “Maybe that was my goal.”

Nadine wanted to say something else, but Paul came to a halt. Both knew Nadine loved small humiliations and found them incredibly exciting. She nevertheless had a distinct pride and fought against this kind of game, which made it even more interesting.

“I think it is time to shut you up,” said Paul, and he stepped directly in front of Nadine.

With a skillful hand movement, he reached under her dress and tugged down her g-string. Nadine obediently stepped out of her panties, which a short time later landed in her mouth. At that moment she was happy that she’d taken a shower shortly before and put on fresh underwear.

“You go ahead now,” said Paul. “There is only one way, and if you can’t find it, I will use the leash to take the lead again.” He smirked, and Nadine went ahead as desired. She could feel the warm evening air under her dress, which made her aware that she wasn’t wearing any panties.




LynoXes is the pseudonym of an author of German heritage. He writes erotic stories which are mainly about BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism) as well as ENF (Embarrassed Nude Females).






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