Beauty and the Beastmaster

51aNpeSyR+L._SY346_An RWA 1st place award winner… When Deputy D.A. Amanda Tarkenton finds out her surprise birthday gift is a trip to All-Star Wrestling, she wants to leave. Then Bram Masterson, AKA The Beastmaster, shows up in the ring. Tall, dark and brutally handsome, he sees the protesting Amanda in the audience and goes off-script, tossing her over his shoulder and carting her out of the auditorium to the cheers of the rabid crowd. He is the evil Beastmaster, the baddest of the bad. But Amanda has her own reputation to uphold.

Everything this Beastmaster represents is an affront to her sterling reputation and her family’s dedication to public service.

Like any great litigator, she knows how to turn the tables, trapping Bram in a game of his own making. Soon, he is the one battling to protect what he holds dear. But after being humiliated both publicly and privately, Amanda is in no mood to show mercy.

amazon-buy-button_2about-the814Rdu9CTtL._SY200_Carol Devine was born in NY, NY and spent most of her childhood in Hawaii. She lives with her husband in Lakewood, Colorado. The other men in her life are her three sons and her faithful writing assistant, a Chi-weenie mutt. An avid reader, she loves all kinds of stories, both real and imagined, and has been telling them for as long as she can remember.




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